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Lived Guide Terms of Service Last Updated February 2023 We can’t wait to partner with you. But before we do, let’s make sure we both know what that means. Please read through and if you have any questions, contact: [email protected] Recitals This services agreement (Agreement) forms a legal agreement between Aurelius Health Pty Ltd ACN … Read more

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Drink less. Do Be Love Live Connect Explore Sleep Grow Thrive Glow more. Whether you want to quit, cut-back, or consider change with alcohol—learn from people who have done it Get The App The realest way to drink less Your relationship with alcohol and goals are unique – so why let some stuffy one-size-fits-all program … Read more

Arielle Dyment

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Arielle Dyment struggled with her relationship with alcohol for more than 10 years, and couldn’t understand why. After a long journey, Arielle discovered (and conquered) all of the barriers standing in her way: relationships; family dynamics; self confidence; and anxiety. Now, as a recovery and life coach, Arielle is on a mission to help others … Read more

Creating a custom sober path that works for you

jenna d creating custom sober path

When Jenna first tried to cut back drinking, it didn’t work. She just couldn’t relate to any of the rigid programs she tried. Until one day, Jenna had a wake-up call that led her to discover the secret of sober success: a custom path. Here, Jenna shares her tips for creating one that works for … Read more

Jenna D

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Jenna D has the kind of whip-smart, real-talking humour that can only come from being a mother of two teenagers, and a hardworking hospital nurse. Jenna started as a social drinker in her early adulthood, but her drinking started to change when her children were very young. As someone who once cringed at the cheesy, … Read more

Alcohol & sleep: Learning to wind down without drinking

crissy rodriguez alcohol sleep learning to wind down without drinking

It’s one of the biggest myths of all: Alcohol helps you sleep. While it might be true that it can help you fall asleep, alcohol disrupts the quality of your sleep—leaving you less rested overall. Crissy shares how she leveled-up her sleep experience going alcohol-free.

Crissy Rodriguez

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When Crissy Rodriguez became a mother in 2020, she realized she had been covering up her emotions and trauma with alcohol. Through therapy and personal exploration, Crissy embarked on a 1 year journey (and counting) of sobriety. Along the way, she discovered how to overcome her shame; became a Tiktok sensation; started inspiring thousands just … Read more

Daniel Patterson

arli lived guide daniel patterson

There was a fifteen-year span between when Daniel knew he needed to stop drinking, and when he finally did. Originally starting out with a 30-day sobriety challenge, Daniel has now been alcohol-free for over 7 years. As a father, husband, best-selling author of two books, keynote speaker and Tiktok king, Daniel now inspires thousands of … Read more

Our Name

We are Welcome to Lived. We represent a radically new way to talk about and support people in overcoming some of life’s toughest challenges—starting with alcohol. Get The App As a company, we have evolved. From one woman on a mission to shake up support for people living with an addiction, to a global collective … Read more

Getting over the fear of getting started

daniel patterson overcoming fear of failure

When alcohol has been a part of your life until now, it’s normal to fear the thought of making change. Daniel Patterson helps you to unravel your fears by taking you through what he learned on his 15-year journey of changing his relationship with alcohol.

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