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Welcome to Lived. We represent a radically new way to talk about and support people in overcoming some of life’s toughest challenges—starting with alcohol.

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As a company, we have evolved. From one woman on a mission to shake up support for people living with an addiction, to a global collective that represents the diversity and nuances of living with life’s toughest challenges; our mission, approach and platform have grown much greater and more powerful. 

As we have grown and matured, we have finally found our voice. One that is a champion for every human that embarks on the brave journey to change their relationship with alcohol, and that is loud enough to stomp out the shame, stigma and misinformation that have prevented millions of people around the world from accessing the support and respect they deserve. 

A voice this bold and brave needs a name to match. So say hello to Lived. We can’t wait to meet you, champion you and show you living proof of what is possible.

Lived is a platform for peer-powered support

We believe the future of health support is peer-led and clinically backed, because there can be no greater or more compassionate teacher than lived experience. We know that by connecting people with others’ lived experiences, we can better support them to reach their goals faster and with greater care.

Lived delivers free access to decades’ worth of lived experience, research and wisdom—to support people around the world to drink less, and live more.

Lived is changing the conversation

Using alcohol, substances and certain behaviours to cope with ‘life’ is a human issue that affects many people – more than 1 in 5, in fact. It’s time to shift the narrative around one of the world’s biggest health issues from stigma, shame, isolation and struggle, into one of humanity, humility, empathy and connection. 

Because at the end of the day, we are all just trying to navigate our way through the complexities of life, to come out the other side, well-lived.

Lived is replacing labels

People’s identities should never be defined by the health conditions they live with. 

“Addict”, “Alcoholic”, “Drunk”, “Problem drinker”, “Relapser”—there is no other health condition in the world where we label the people living with it with such unjustified judgement. 

We are re-defining the language we use to connect with and support people who are struggling with anything—including their relationship to alcohol—as something you are ‘living with’; ‘have lived experience with’; or have ‘lived through’.

Lived is a badge of honour

Lived is a statement representing the wisdom, strength and unparalleled understanding you acquire when you come out the other side of one of life’s toughest challenges. 

Lived is a badge of honour; a show of your ability to support, guide and connect with  others in a way that traditional, clinical interventions can’t. Lived is what we can all aspire to become.

Lived is who we are

Lived isn’t just a name, an app, or a cool brand thought up by a creative agency—it’s the change we want to see in the world. 

It’s a movement that goes far beyond us to close the gap on people accessing support for drinking. Lived is all of us.

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