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When alcohol has been a part of your life until now, it’s normal to fear the thought of making change. Daniel Patterson helps you to unravel your fears by taking you through what he learned on his 15-year journey of changing his relationship with alcohol.

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Daniel Patterson

There was a fifteen-year span between when Daniel knew he needed to stop drinking, and when he finally did. Originally starting out with a 30-day sobriety challenge, Daniel has now been alcohol-free for over 7 years. As a father, husband, best-selling author of two books, keynote speaker and Tiktok king, Daniel now inspires thousands of people around the world who have shared his struggle with mental health and alcohol, and helps them to discover sobriety as a superpower.


  • 01 Making a new beginning Fear of failure, judgement, and change can feel overwhelming. Uncover what might be holding you back in changing your relationship with alcohol.
  • 02 Understanding our resistance Do you ever feel like you need to drink because it's the status quo in our society? Join Daniel to retrain your thoughts that not drinking, is not strange.
  • 03 Best day or worst day? In order to overcome fear, you have to get comfortable with your own truth. Discover a first small step to being honest in examining your relationship with alcohol.
  • 04 Failing forward Failure plays a critical role in reevaluating your relationship with alcohol. Learn how to rethink failure and use it to your advantage.
  • 05 Sitting in the soup There is great power in learning to sit in our feelings. Join Daniel to examine the concept of feelings, learning how to acknowledge them, and discovering how to let them go.
  • 06 Flicking the first domino The first step you take is the most powerful, even if it doesn't seem successful to you. In this episode, learn how to knock down the first domino to get started.
  • 07 Reflecting on your fears Making fear far less scary allows you to grow in all areas of your life. Join Daniel in this final episode to tie it all together in uncovering the truth that fears aren't facts.

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