Alcohol & sleep: Learning to wind down without drinking


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It’s one of the biggest myths of all: Alcohol helps you sleep. While it might be true that it can help you fall asleep, alcohol disrupts the quality of your sleep—leaving you less rested overall. Crissy shares how she leveled-up her sleep experience going alcohol-free.

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Crissy Rodriguez

When Crissy Rodriguez became a mother in 2020, she realized she had been covering up her emotions and trauma with alcohol. Through therapy and personal exploration, Crissy embarked on a 1 year journey (and counting) of sobriety. Along the way, she discovered how to overcome her shame; became a Tiktok sensation; started inspiring thousands just like her; founded Shame Free Sobriety; and picked up some awesome hobbies (gardening, yoga, and rollerskating – to name a few).


  • 01 Why sleep is tricky with alcohol If you've been using alcohol as a way to unwind before bed, chances are you might be skeptical that it's doing more harm than good for your sleep. Here, Crissy cuts straight to the facts.
  • 02 Why good sleep matters Sleep is one of the most critical factors for overall physical and mental health. Understanding and appreciating the impact of sleep is an important first step in inspiring lasting change.
  • 03 Prepping for a good sleep Getting a good night's sleep today, is the ultimate gift to yourself tomorrow. Today, Crissy shows you how to get into a sleep routine that your future self will always thank you for.

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