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How it works

Forget about labels and rigid programs that try to fit you into a box. Lived is all about helping you to find the change that feels right for you. We connect you with real-life tools and advice you actually want to hear—all done at your own pace, in your own space.

Build belief that change is possible
Learn to create the change you want
Conquer challenges
Learn to create the change you want
Conquer challenges

Getting over the fear of getting started

with Daniel Patterson

What started out as a Dry January challenge, eventually became a 7+ year discovery of the joys of alcohol-free living. Daniel Patterson helps you to unravel your fears by taking you through what he learned on his own of journey of drinking less and living more.

Alcohol & sleep: Learning to wind down without drinking

with Crissy Rodriguez

When Crissy Rodriguez became a mother in 2020, she realized she had been covering up her emotions and trauma with alcohol. Crissy embarked on a 1 year journey (and counting) of sobriety. Along the way, she discovered how to overcome her shame and improved her sleep quality ten-fold. Here’s how.

Rethinking your drinking

with Arielle Dyment

Everyone’s relationship with alcohol is personal. There can be so many different reasons why we drink, and just as many reasons for why we don’t think we can stop. Arielle Dyment discovered (and conquered) most of them: relationships; family dynamics; self confidence; and anxiety.

Creating a custom sober path that works for you

with Jenna D

Jenna was always a bit of a social drinker, but things started to change when her children were very young. When Jenna started to search for answers and support, she couldn’t stand the cringey and cheesy, sober-positive messages she saw online. So she took matters into her own hands.

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Breaking free from the feelings of shame

It’s proven

Powered by people and grounded by science. We know what works—because we did it ourselves.

It’s personal

Everyone’s relationship with alcohol is personal. That’s why we have loads of Courses to help you find the path that’s right for you.

It’s flexible

No labels. No judgement. No pressure. Progress to your personal goals at your own pace, in your own space.

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